About Maija Prakash 

(pronounced My-ah) 

I am a therapist dedicated to helping people find their way out of "being stuck". I am a Registered Psychologist #5278 and have specialized training in somatic therapy. I completed my Somatic Experiencing Practitioner diploma in 2018. I worked for three years at the Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton. Currently, I work in private practice at Transcend Psychological.


I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Alberta, a Masters of Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a Masters of Counselling degree from City University of Seattle-Edmonton campus. My work as an ethnographic researcher embedded me in populations facing addiction, HIV, and Hepatitis C. I also worked with how to best support vulnerable children in schools. As an ethnographer, I accumulated over seven years of frontline experience with people experiencing trauma, PTSD, abuse, neglect, addictions, and other challenging mental health and behavioural concerns.  


My research background instilled in me a commitment to integrating research and evidence-based therapies into my current practice to best serve the unique needs of all of my clients. This foundation has also given me insight into the long-term impact of all types of trauma and, more importantly, how individuals can recover when they have appropriate supports. In 2010, I left the field of research to pursue a degree in counselling in order to actively apply the knowledge I had accumulated in my years as an ethnographer.


To increase my ability to work with clients, I remain committed to continue my specialized training to best serve the needs of my clients, such as Somatic Experiencing. I believe that the body is a wealth of information and an important aspect of all psychological healing. I do not believe that the body and mind are separate entities, because what affects the body inherently affects the mind and vice versa. 


On a more personal note, I have a wide range of experiences and interests. I enjoy a long-term, cross-racial marriage and have raised two, now adult, children. Our family has travelled extensively and has lived in the Indian Himalayas for some years. As a result, I have personally experienced the importance of cultural awareness, the impact of moving internationally with children, and the difficulties of reintegrating back into Canada with Third Culture Kids. I also have two dogs, who I love and admire for their ability to live in the moment. 


I welcome and support a broad spectrum of lifestyles and encourage individuals to be comfortable being their true authentic selves, even when their true selves go against the grain of "normal" society's expectations. I am LGBTQ+-friendly, poly-friendly and faith-sensitive. I deeply believe that all individuals should be empowered to live the life that suits their own values, beliefs, and needs (as long as this lifestyle does not infringe on the safety and needs of others).

I  work wtih individuals to help them reduce their nervous and emotional activation in order to help them acheive the emotional and behavioural changes

they want. 


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