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We generally seek out therapy when we feel emotional, professional, social, or physical discomfort.


Sometimes we know that our emotional pain and anxiety was caused by overwhelming events in our lives. Sometimes, distressing emotions, body discomfort, and problematic behaviours appear to come out of nowhere.  In such instances, we can be reluctant to seek therapy since we do not know what we would talk about.


I am a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. Somatic therapy allows us to reconnect with our natural intuition, our natural healing, and our innate capacity to handle stress. These skills are often "offline" when we experience overwhelming events and painful transitions, such as cancer, motor vehicle accidents, surgeries, losses, abuses, and unexpected events. It can be hard to make the changes that you want in your life, especially if it seems that you can't control your automatic reactions. It can feel like being stuck on "autopilot".

Somatic therapy allows us to notice the "autopilot" of our nervous system, slow it down, and even change it. By being aware of the Polyvagal system, we can be released from chronic anxiety, anger, sadness, irritability, and other difficult feelings, thoughts, and sensations. We can help reclaim an inner calm, comfort, and help you come back to yourself.

We also can work to prepare for difficult events.  By preparing for necessary or elective surgeries we can improve our recovery.  Or preparing for life transitions, we can help uncover what are untapped strengths and interests may be.

I bring knowledge, warmth and humour to therapy as well as honesty and directness. Together we will work toward increasing your capacity to experience emotions, make decisions, change habits, and repair relationships. Contact me, if you have symptoms that you want to change or are curious about somatic therapy. 


If you are interested in learning more about stress, symptoms of dysregulation, regulation of the nervous systemand healing, browse through my site.  Contact me for a free phone consultation, to book an appointment, or to ask any other questions. I work daytime hours on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.


Maija Prakash, MC

Edmonton, Alberta

I’m a masters-level Registered Psychologist (#5278) in Edmonton, Alberta. I have specialized training in somatic therapies, Somatic Experiencing, Self Regulation Therapy, and EMDR. These are informed by neurological research, mindfulness, attachment, and gestalt therapy. The therapy I practice is safe, honest, and effective in reducing stress symptoms of anxiety, stress and trauma, improving relationships, increasing the ability to make decisions, and managing difficult emotions.